How to Save Money When Making International Payments?


With Fintech startups springing up in their number of late, finding a quick service to patronize in making international payments from the comfort of your Oslo apartment is not likely to be a problem. However, since many of these services generate revenue from charges and service billings, it would be in your best interest to assess the options carefully before choosing the international payment service to use per time. is one of the many local review sites that would help you check the opinion of people who have used some of these services before now.

Let us check up on some tips that would help you save some money on your payments for international transactions.

1.  Check for all the inclusive charges

Besides the regular fees charged for international payments and transfers, some companies have hidden charges for bank transfers, currency exchange, interbank payment, or even a supposedly zero-commission payment. Such extra fees are often cascaded in the fine print of subscription agreements.

Also, during your research into the pricing of different payment services, it might be of advantage if you know the average scale of the amount involved in the transaction. Being able to peg your payments to a known average will help you identify the financial service that charges the lowest at the payment volume intended.

2.  Search for services with rapid payment

It could come as a surprise that late delivery of transactions will, on some occasions, bring about extra charges. Having to pay additional fees will prove to be the case if the payment you are making is for a product that is only available for a short timeframe, or a service that accrues extra charges when payments arrive late.

3.  Avoid expensive service like the plague

Services like PayPal and Skrill have their niche of opportunity for usage. Still, overall the percentile charges by these services are usually on the high side, compared to the low fees charged by cost-effective alternatives like Revolut.

4.  Identify the specific service required

If you intend to make a cash transfer to an individual or business in another country or you want to make an interbank transfer or any other international service, the cost of the final transaction is dependent on the specific preferences which you would like to satisfy. Identify what you require for the completion of your purchase, preferably choose a service that is friendly with the financial ecosystem of Norway. For example, some international services will charge you for using their products from other parts of the world, that is besides locations where they have corporate branches. The extra charges are sometimes caused by the financial laws that apply in some countries, and efforts to discourage expatriate companies from benefitting from the quota of the economy reserved for indigenous equivalents.

5.  Monitor the exchange rate

Some nations are prolific for their volatile forex exchange when transacting business with entities in such countries, monitoring the forex rates is likely to help you save some money by making the payment when the odds are favorable.