LOHASLED solution | Hotel light environment design,passing by becomes a warm encounter

Hall lighting -The largest indoor hotel area


The lobby of the hotel mostly adopts warm tones (2700-3000K) and the illumination is around 300lx. With the design method of spatial visual architecture and the auxiliary lighting to transition the indoor and outdoor light environment, it creates a comfortable space for physical and mental experience, and then integrates points, lines, and surfaces The lighting design and the application of various effects show the hotel’s inner beauty.


<<< High-power lamps are recommended in the lobby to ensure the necessary illumination


<<< Recommended key lighting + auxiliary lighting + decorative lighting, etc.


Service desk lighting -The place where guests are most impressed-


The help desk is mainly to provide comprehensive services (housing registration, consultation, check-out settlement, etc.). In order to ensure its normal work, it is necessary to ensure the necessary illumination conditions (about 300-500lx). At the same time ensure that the hotel brand image wall is clear and bright.


Generally, the hotel service desk is close to the hotel’s background wall. In order to show the theme culture of the hotel brand, a wall wash design is generally used (for the hotel name, LOGO, etc.) to present the theme of the hotel.

<<< Recommended key lighting + wall washer lighting + auxiliary lighting


Illumination of Chinese food area-The easiest place for guests to experience-


The area mainly emphasizes the warm and pleasant overall atmosphere. The desktop illumination requirement is 300lx and the color temperature is 2700-3500K LOHASLED E12 LIGHT BULBS FOR restaurant. At the same time, refers to the purpose of restoring and increasing appetite, making the whole dining environment rich and warm.


Restaurants mostly use vertical lighting, which emphasizes uniform brightness distribution and avoids glare. In design, the desktop illumination should be 1-3 times higher than the space illumination to enhance the three-dimensional and texture of the food, while enhancing the appeal of space and cuisine.



<<< Recommended key lighting + auxiliary lighting + scene lighting, etc.


Banquet hall lighting-The place where guests love to socialize


The banquet halls are mainly for business and official banquets. As a large gathering space, the illumination is generally 200lx. The illumination of the key areas of the desktop is 300-500lx, which emphasizes the overall bright and high-end atmosphere. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the uniformity of the illumination to avoid that the illumination of the main table space is higher than that of the guest tables.

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